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Our Services

American Directional Boring provides an extensive variety of Texas underground utility services from a simple irrigation sleeve, steel sleeves, PVC sleeves, to boring utility pipelines or carrier pipe itself, no job is too large or small and we can help. We offer Directional Boring services to cities in Texas as well as other states.

We are also capable of installing electric, gas, water, sewer, fiber optic, irrigation, drainage, telephone, cable, etc. so contact us for any need that arises, and we will do our best to accommodate your underground boring needs.

How Does Directional Boring Work?

Directional Boring, also called horizontal directional drilling or HDD is a method of installing underground pipe, steel casing, conduit or cable on a preferred bore path by using steerable trenchless method from a Horizontal Directional Drill located on the surface. It is used when trenching or excavating is not feasible. HDD is the preferred method for bores under roads, landscape and river crossings.

Suitable materials such as HDPE, poly pipe (polyethylene and polypropylene), PVC, ductile iron, steel, cable, fiber, inner-duct, etc. can be pulled through the drilled hole. A pilot hole is bored first followed by opening the hole gradually through a process known as reaming.

Directional boring is employed when installing all types of infrastructure such as but not limited to power cable conduits, gas pipeline, water lines, oil lines, product pipelines, telecommunications, fiber optic inner-ducts, drainage lines or environmental remediation casings. Where methods other than directional boring are costly.

Directional Boring also referred to as Directional Drilling or Horizontal Directional Drilling installs underground inner duct, conduit, coax cable, underground pipe or underground casing using a steerable trenchless process. Basically any infrastructure can be installed with this trenchless technology to avoid civil disturbance. Gas, gas pipelines, telecommunications, electrical, water, sewer, oil pipelines and environmental remediation casings can be installed under roadways, waterways and any sensitive crossings.

Directional boring has a pre-determined bore path, which is obtainable by using the proper equipment and tooling for soil conditions. Materials to be installed by the horizontal directional drilling process are many. Pipe made of steel; PVC, HDPE (high density polyethylene), ductile iron and polypropylene, coax cable as well as other materials can be installed through this process. Prior to boring the soil conditions will be determined in order to select the correct drilling tools such as heads to bore the pilot hole. A drilling head can be used in dirt but rock conditions require a mud motor for successful project completion. Once tooling and equipment is decided we dig bore pits and tail ditches if required after the hydro excavation process is performed to locate existing underground utilities located in the immediate area. Pits and tail ditches are only needed on medium to large projects with sufficient length.

The HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) process uses a rig above ground. The size and type rig used depends on the soil conditions, length of bore and size of pipe product being installed underground. Pullback weight is considered and determines size of rig we use. Large horizontal directional drills are capable of more than 300,000 lbs. of pullback force. These rigs require support equipment commonly known as reclaimers, mud pumps and vac tron trucks or trailers.

Once the project site utilities are known we plan the bore path and hydro excavate any utility crossings where necessary to avoid damage to existing utilities. We begin by digging any required pits. Typically an entrance pit and receiving pit are dug. The purpose for the pits is to collect drilling mud/fluid, which will be pumped, back into a reclaimer on larger projects in order to reuse fluids and avoid waste. Once the pilot hole is drilled on the pre-determined bore path reaming begins. Reaming (back reaming) requires changing out the tooling and placing a reamer on the drill stem. Back reaming enlarges the hole pushing the drilling fluid and spoils towards the drill side bore pit. Depending on the size of pipe being installed, a hole may be reamed multiple times. Once the hole is on final back ream process the casing or pipe product is pulled behind the back reamer with a swivel attached installing the pipe product successfully.

The drilling fluid used is typically bentonite and water or polymer and water. These mixtures are determined by the soil conditions as well. Drilling fluid helps to remove spoils and stabilize bore hole along with reduce friction by lubricating the bore hole in order to pull in pipe product. These products also enable cooling of the drill head and drill stem through the reduction of friction.

From the beginning of the drilling process until typically the end, a locater is using a device in which he walks over the surface using a hand-held locater known as a walk-over locating system. A sonde is inserted behind the bore head on the drill stem, which registers the location, depth, temperature and angle of the drill head. The hand-held locater is able to achieve a successful bore path and avoid damaging existing utilities with this method. There are other locating methods used for larger projects such as wire-lining and gyro-based systems. Most commonly used is the hand-held however, different site conditions and project parameters require certain types to be used.

Advantages of HDD (horizontal directional boring) & auger boring vs. trenching or open cut:

  • Minimal Civil Disturbances
  • Fewer Traffic Disruptions
  • Shorter Project Times for Installation
  • Decreased Negative Environmental Impact

Underground Utility Contractor

As an underground utility services contracting company, we pride ourselves in helping you complete your project on budget and on time. Should the rare occasion arise where we cannot fulfill your needs, we can easily locate other qualified contractors who can. Collaborating with others in the underground boring industry also allows us to maintain the cost-effectiveness of your project. No matter where your project is located, we are ready to mobilize our drilling equipment on very short notice.

Quality Service

From the moment you contact us for a free cost estimate to completion we will help make your project a success. We are licensed and bondable for every project need. We pride ourselves on being available to our customers daily and take the extra initiative many boring contractors neglect by responding to every call, quote request, or email on the same day on which they are received. We appreciate the confidence you place in our company and our goal will always be to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction while maintaining the optimal degree of professionalism while maintaining the cleanliness of the jobsite. We recommend verifying insurance coverage with any underground boring companies you use for projects to avoid costly scenarios and will provide proof of insurance upon request.