Directional Boring Services – Plano

Directional Boring Services – Plano

For commercial and residential directional boring services in Plano, Texas, turn to American Directional Boring. When it comes to trenchless boring, we are your experts. From small to large areas of terrain, whether you need boring contractors for a highway or landscape project, we exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a cost-effective option that also saves time as well as the environment, we cannot recommend directional drilling enough–especially in more sensitive areas. This boring method also produces less risks and disruptions while work is in session.

Directional boring, often referred to as HDD and underground boring, does not require trenches. American Directional Boring is your trusted company for trenchless services because no matter the type or size of the job, we can work in environmentally sensitive areas and complete the job in time for less money. With industry experience and two types of directional boring machines (Vermeer and Ditch Witch), nobody else can do the job like we can.

Directional boring services in Plano from American Directional Boring include:

  • • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) – Also known as directional boring and directional drilling, we determine a bore path, and from there, install underground utilities. Whether it is conduit, cable, piping, or steel casing, we perform work without the use of trenches. We recommend an HDD service for work underneath river crossings, landscapes, roads, and other areas.
  • • Auger Boring – We also refer to this method as dry boring, micro tunneling, and Jack and Bore. This service is often performed on railroads, sewer lines, and state highways since these areas require very precise placement of pipes and on-grade bores. Auger boring is another feasible option that does not involve the use of trenches.


While we offer Plano underground boring services, we are available in other select cities in Texas, including Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Contact us today to get started. We will start with a free quote and continue to work with you to find the right service for your budget and needs.