How to Pick Directional Drilling Contractors for Your Project

directional drillingFor years now, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has been the go-to method for laying conduits underground, and in places that are impossible with vertical drilling. Through directional drilling, it is now possible to install sewage pipes, oil pipes, gas lines, water pipes or communication lines under rivers, creeks, buildings, and roads. Since directional drilling was introduced in the early ’90s, directional drilling contractors have improved the technology and applied it to more areas other than oil and gas drilling.

Directional drilling contractors utilize HDD in three main phases to achieve maximum utility in a given project. For starters, the initial hole is drilled along a marked path that the pipeline is expected to take. The underground hole runs horizontally through the path from the start point of the pipeline, up to the endpoint. After this, the second phase of drilling is done to enlarge the diameter of the hole, so that the pipeline is smoothly installed. Lastly, the pipeline is placed into the hole and pulled from both ends.

The good thing about horizontal directional drilling is that it does not cause inconveniences to third or second parties. HDD is largely silent because the boring happens underground, it does not result in excess dirt left on the ground as the soil remains underground, and other activities like traffic flow on a road can go on while drilling is being done underneath. Directional boring contractors have not only made trenchless drilling for pipe installation easy and fast, but also convenient and eco-friendly.

Securing underground drilling services is simple and quick. Choosing the most suitable directional drilling contractor for your scope of work is the bulky part. Given the rising number of underground boring contractors, it might be confusing and overwhelming trying to pick them apart to settle on the best fit boring contractor for your project.

You might be seeking HDD contractors for major commercial projects such as laying gas lines for your oil company or simpler domestic projects like connecting a water line to your home, from across the road. Regardless of the scope or size of your project, there are some requirements that your directional drilling contractor should meet.

Here are some of the basic attributes your directional drilling contractor should meet before hiring his/her services.

1. Check the Location of the Contractor

Even before you continue with your due diligence, first ensure that the contractors you are checking are licensed to operate in your state of residence. If you are in Texas, for instance, search for Texas directional drilling contractors. Most companies tend to have the name of the state they operate in embedded in their company names or their list of services. Doing this will save you time as one contractor may meet all requirements, only for you to find out that he/she does not operate in your state.

2. Years of Experience Doing Similar Work

It is important to opt for directional drilling contractors with the most experienced in the industry.

Additionally, a drilling contractor who has operated in your state for long may make it easy for you to get inspection permits from the local authorities. At times getting construction permits on your own may be a drag because you might not know how to expedite the process. On the other hand, an old hand in the industry may have city contacts that can help fasten the process.

What’s more, an experienced contractor will advise on the best time to start your project, given that he/she is familiar with the state’s climate and weather conditions. These are all factors that will influence your project substantially and may lead to more costs should they not be properly checked.

3. Check and Read Online Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

Online reviews will give you a more reliable outlook of a directional boring contractor. Most clients will not hesitate to call out a company if they feel seriously aggrieved and dissatisfied.

If you pick the best directional drilling contractor that you can find, you are sure to make your project a success. This way, you’re sure of not getting shortchanged by a contractor who does lousy works.

The Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling for Your Construction Project

texas directional drilling servicesConstruction technology has improved significantly over the last couple of decades. Today, we have illustrious technology such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) which makes underground drilling possible. HDD is amazingly incredible, given the many challenges it solves by making trenchless boring a reality. Unlike some years ago when boring contractors had no other way than digging down deep trenches, to install pipes and other utilities, today, directional drilling contractors are making underground boring much easier and faster.

You can now access directional drilling services in most states including Texas. Texas directional drilling services are the go-to services for both domestic and commercial boring. You might need your sewer pipe connected to the main sewer system across the road. The sewer pipe has to go below the road with minimal disturbance and zero destruction to the road. Although this may sound complex to you, it is a walk in the park for any of the experienced Texas directional boring contractors.

HDD technology is utilized in many other ways including, installing underground communication lines, installing pipes and conduits under rivers, buildings and existing structures, and roads. HDD is so efficient that it only causes disturbance to the point where the HDD machine touches the ground and where there will be need of connecting utilities.

Here are more benefits that you gain from Texas directional drilling services

1. HDD Gives Your Construction Project More Durability

When you burry pipes and conduits in the ground, you increase their longevity because they are not exposed to destructive elements. Therefore, you decrease the wear and tear of the pipes and conduits used in the project. In turn, the materials used in the project will give you more service and you will not have to do major repairs soon. Again, utilizing Texas directional drilling services will reduce the risk of vandalism. The materials used in your project are costly and some dishonest people may vandalize the material if not buried underground. Construction projects that utilize trenchless boring have a longer lifespan, thus maximizing the value of money invested.

2. HDD Enables Faster Installation of Conduits

Trenchless drilling is far much faster compared to the open-cut method. For starters, since the boring contractors don’t have to dig in the ground, there will be less dirt involved. Having no trenches to dig and then fill them up again with the dirt, saves a lot of time. HDD contractors only need to dig one vertical trench at the point of contact where the conduit is marked to start, and another when connecting the conduits to another system. Therefore, there will be less dirt and fewer trenches to dig up and fill up. Resultantly, the project will consume less time, and the installation will be much smoother with less intensive manual works.

3. HDD Reduces the Overall Cost of Construction Projects

While it is expensive for directional drilling contractors to acquire the boring machines to start with, the machines save on cost in the long run. As HDD requires less labor, less time, and fewer machines, the boring contractors can save substantial amounts of money, project after project. By the time the boring machine is out of service, the contractors will have made a bigger return on their initial investment. Better still, the boring machine will help the contractors set standards in the construction industry, therefore, contributing to the making of a brand.

4. HDD Prevents Soil Contamination and Also Requires Less Licensure

By utilizing Texas directional drilling services, no soil will be pushed above the ground. This eliminates the risk of soil contamination which may have adverse effects on lawns and trees on a property. Additionally, since HDD causes fewer disruptions and inconveniences, it is easy to get construction permits from the local authorities for the project to run.

Directional drilling contractors are many in Texas, therefore it is easy and convenient for you to seek their services. When seeking Texas directional drilling services, consider the experience and the scopes of works the contractor has handled before. It will help you ascertain if you have settled on the most qualified Texas directional drilling contractor.

It’s Time for You to Adopt Precision Directional Boring: Here’s Why?

precision directional boringPreviously, if you wanted to install anything underground, you had to dig a trench. You can agree that this is not a pretty undertaking. Thanks to precision directional boring, we are in a new era where you don’t have to dig trenches anymore.

As a contractor dealing in gas pipelines, oil lines, product pipelines, water lines, and telecommunication, it’s time you too jump on this revolutionary bandwagon to take your work to the next level.

The global horizontal directional drilling market is expected to reach $14.95 billion by 2022 as the adoption of this technology is spreading like wildfire.

Business is a competitive undertaking, and to succeed; you have to stay ahead of your competition. Adopting breakthrough technologies like trenchless drilling sooner rather than later can be the difference between success and failure.

As industry-leading directional boring contractors, we have helped both businesses and homeowners solve their challenging drilling needs with this new technology. Here is why it’s time for you to adopt trenchless drilling.

Avoid Civil Disturbances

The biggest downside of digging trenches is the public disturbance. If you are looking to pass your cable or pipeline under a road, digging a trench across it means that the people using that road will be inconvenienced.

Additionally, there is also noise pollution from whatever hardcore equipment you will be using to break the road. The unhappy public and the neighbors might be so frustrated by your activities that they decide to sue you. This will be a significant setback on your side, as you might have to stop work until the conflict is resolved.

Precision directional boring will help you avoid all of these inconveniences. Firstly, you won’t have to disrupt anything on the surface of the road. This means that it can be used while you are going on with your work.

In addition to this, there is minimal sound from this type of trenchless drilling, which means that you and your neighbors can be in peace.

It’s Faster and Easier

If you are using traditional drilling methods, then you have to deal with lots of equipment and human resources. Some will be dedicated to digging, others clearing the soil, and it goes on and on.

On the other hand, trenchless boring requires minimal labor and equipment. This is because there is no need for colossal excavation or moving the dirt from the trench.

Therefore, if you are looking to finish laying your piping or telecommunication cables faster and without the logistical challenges of working with various equipment and machinery, then precision directional boring is the way to go.

As the top directional boring contractors in Texas, you can rely on us to supply you with all the necessary trenchless drilling equipment to make your work faster and easier.

Cleaner Results

More contractors like you are moving to trenchless boring thanks to the clean results it provides. Once you are done with your work, it will look like nothing ever happened. This is good for maintaining the overall aesthetic of your home as a homeowner.

If the pipe or cable is passing through your garden, then you won’t lose the precious beauty.

The cleaner results from directional boring also have an added advantage of keeping your piping or cables safe from vandalism. It will not be easy for a vandal to figure out where the cables and pipes lay once the work is done.

Precision directional boring allows you to drill channels in any pattern that you want. This can come quite in hand when you are doing sophisticated projects that need more than straight channels.

As a contractor, you may want to direct a gas pipeline to more than one house; in this case, the precision boring equipment will serve you well.

We are a Texas directional boring contractor with years of experience serving both residential and corporate clients. You can rely on us to meet all your precision directional boring needs excellently.

Popular Types Of Underground Boring

precise directional boring

Directional boring is a valuable technique used by geologists, engineers, and construction managers. The method has also been popularized due to the fact that it’s such a precise way to drill below the earth’s surface without much destruction. There are, however, multiple ways to utilize the technique through different boring methods. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of directional boring, continue reading.


Underground drilling method #1


Directional boring is quite popular in the construction sector. The process is just as efficient as other forms of boring. With directional boring, also known as directional drilling or slick boring, water is the main puzzle piece.  In case you’re wondering when you should use directional boring, implement this boring method when working with any type of soil.


Underground drilling method #2


The second most popular type of boring is auger boring. With auger boring, a steel bore is jacked through the earth using augers inside casing. It’s one of the most widely used methods in construction.


It also creates stable bores eliminating issues of bore hole collapse.  This method is more commonly used under railroads and highways when larger diameter pipe or casing is required.  


Underground drilling method #3


Directional boring with an air hammer, dual rod, or all-terrain machine, is commonly used for rock. It’s best used in situations where auger or directional boring are deemed ineffective.

However, it’s also a method that can be used with most soil types making it quite versatile.


Final words on precise directional boring methods


As you can see, there are many ways to drill down into the ground to achieve your desired result with directional boring. If you still wish to learn more about trenchless pipe drilling and underground boring for your next project, contact us today.

Why You Should Choose Trenchless Boring for Utility Installation

trenchless boring

When it comes to installing underground utilities, directional trenchless boring is quickly rising to be the most popular option of installation. Because this option is less disruptive to landscaping and it can be used virtually everywhere, it isn’t hard to see why so many are taking advantage of this option. If you need utilities installed, here are some of the biggest benefits of using directional drilling services.


1. A Durable option


Directional boring utilizes the same materials as open cut or trenching. This means you won’t have to worry about the type of pipe. In addition to this, the accuracy that comes with trenchless boring also helps prevent trench or open cut damage that can occur during installation.


2. Quick and Clean Installation


Trenchless drilling only impacts two main areas, the place where the drill is set up and the place where the utility will end. Because of this, there is less disruption and damage to the surrounding landscape. Traditional installation, alternatively, involves the digging of large trenches that have the potential to damage landscaping and obstruct the area due to the machinery being used. With trenchless boring, installation is quick, clean, and easy.


3. Flexible Installation


Directional boring can also be used virtually anywhere without worry. For instance, if a line needs to be run under a road, you won’t have to worry about diverting traffic or digging up a large section to lay the lines. Trenchless boring can be conducted seamlessly and without disruption to traffic. For this reason, trenchless boring is often employed in busy areas where other options would cause obstructions.


4. Less Soil Contamination


Because trenchless boring moves the soil to the side, instead of pushing it to the surface, you lower the risk of soil contamination. With traditional trench digging, contamination is a large concern that could pose a significant threat to the environment. Trenchless options ensure nothing is compromised and instead allows for the job to be completed quickly and safely.


If you are in need of utility installation, reach out to directional drilling contractors and set up a consultation so that you can experience these benefits for yourself.