Choosing Directional Boring Contractors

directional boring contractor

There are a lot of reasons that industry turns to directional boring contractors. For example, oil and gas companies use this method because about two times the amount of gas and oil can be extracted by directional drilling compared to traditional methods.

There are many applications for this method of underground boring. Choosing the right directional boring contractor is the first step in enjoying the benefits of this method.

Why Making the Right Choice is Vital

Directional boring is a specialty field. It requires the right equipment and experienced operators to get the job done right. Choosing the right directional boring contractors is critical to getting all the benefits that are possible.

The benefits of choosing the right contractor include:

  • On time project completion
  • Minimal restoration
  • Cost effectiveness

The right contractor will make time commitment a priority. You will enjoy on time services that are delivered by professionals. You will not have to deal with delays that hold the rest of your project up. Delays can be costly, and the right Texas directional drilling contractor ensures that their part is done.

Costly Site Restorations

When directional drilling is done right, the costly site restoration is minimalized. There are only two points that should be disturbed during the process. The entry point and the exit point. Everything in between stays undisturbed.

HDD contractors have the skill set and the equipment to ensure that everything proceeds without a problem. They can reduce rock fracturing, site surround disturbances and more.

You can cut back on the cost of site restoration and get the results that you want for your construction project. The right contractor will help you save on overall costs.

Professional Input

One of the best reasons to choose a highly skilled direction boring contractor is because of the experience they bring to the project. They will be able to advise, answer questions and deliver the services that you can count on.

An experienced drilling contractor can help you to make informed decisions about your project and the direction you need to take to get great results. This can be the team member that helps your project to come together effortlessly for less!

Underground Boring Is the Safe Cost Effective Option

underground boringUtility companies and plumbing professionals understand the value of a committed boring contractor who can deliver efficient underground boring services. Horizontal directional drilling delivers the efficient, cost-effective, safe method of underground boring. It is the option of choice for bores 2 inches to 48 inches in diameter and 600 feet to 1800 feet in length.

The success of your construction project starts with hiring boring contractors that have the experience, the equipment, and the reputation for being the Texas directional drilling contractor that gets the job done.

Why Is Directional Boring Better Than Trenching?

Traditional trenching has its limits. Trenching can only be used when there is nothing in the way, like buildings, or when the ground can afford to be disturbed. This can pose a challenge when designing utility lines or plumbing lines.

Underground boring does not present the same obstacles. Things like weather do not impact directional drilling while it can very much impact trenching. Rain does not shut down the project with underground boring techniques, but it will shut down a trenching operation.

Other benefits of underground boring include:

  • Less disturbance to the eco-system adjacent to the bored area
  • Can reduce shoring and excavation costs
  • It is a safer option
  • It limits the disruption to traffic and landscapes
  • Can drill under obstructions safely
  • Requires less machinery and manpower on site

There is a wide range of reasons that Texas directional drilling is becoming the method of choice. You can expect less upset to natural rock formations, a reduced risk of ground water contamination, and one boring can allow for several different utility and pipe installations.

This is a quick, effective method that can be cost-saving. It can also increase job site safety.

It Is Really About The Savings

Curtailing the cost of your project is easier with underground boring. There is nothing worse than weather delays. Trenching cannot be done during bad weather like heavy rain. The job will come to a halt but with underground boring, the job can carry on in rain.

Avoiding weather delays is the first way you will save time on your project but not the only time savings involved. With underground drilling services, obstacles like roadways, buildings, and even runways are not an obstacle. You will not run into design flaws that are time-consuming with this method. Underground drilling services can go right under the obstacle, safely.

Directional Boring Is the Simpler Solution

directional boring

Before you make decisions about your construction projects to lay pipe, utilities or communications line conduit, consider the benefits of directional boring.

One of the best reasons — besides the cost-effectiveness — businesses are choosing directional boring is because of the lack of disruption. Directional boring only affects two areas: the area where the boring equipment is set up and the place that the utility or piping will be connected.

Less Is More

Experienced underground boring contractors can provide underground boring service with little disruption to traffic. These services can quickly overcome obstacles by drilling underneath them.

Traditional trenching services do not afford the same level of services. Trenching must go around obstacles which adds time to the process and of course in many cases increases material costs. Additionally, trenchless drilling disturbs the ground less.

Ideal Solution for Sensitive Areas

Unless your project occurs in an open field without any obstacles like roadways, buildings, or landscaping, directional boring is the better solution. Trenching has two options: either it goes around obstacles or it goes right through them, leaving a mess in its wake.

Directional boring is ideal for sensitive areas that cannot withstand the trenching process, like:

  • Runways and airstrips
  • Roadways and rivers
  • Buildings

Underground boring services makes the impossible possible. It disturbs the surrounding eco-system less; it helps to keep ground water safer, and it can go under just about anything in the way.

Making the Impossible Possible

Directional boring from experienced Texas directional boring contractors can open a world of possibilities and deliver savings. Trenching can really cause some damage to above-ground surfaces that will have to be addressed.

Underground directional drilling can mean cost savings thanks to less disruption of above-ground surfaces. No roadway repair or landscape damage can mean a faster turn around on your project and lower costs.

This can be an exceptional solution for projects that need to get around obstacles. Learn more about directional boring and the potential there is to enhance your project’s results.

3 Common Construction Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them

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Construction projects are planned well ahead of time to make sure everything and everyone stays on schedule. But even the most well-thought-out construction projects can suffer from unexpected design errors and mistakes.

We’ve compiled some of the most common construction mistakes so you know what to be on the lookout for during your own project and how you can avoid making these mistakes yourself:

1. Not fixing a mistake ASAP.

Some employers are willing to overlook a small mistake during a construction project if it means getting on with the work and finishing on time. But small issues in a construction project can lead to major problems later down the road if you’re not careful. Even if the problem doesn’t seem like much, that same problem can happen again if you don’t catch it and figure out why it happened. That said, as soon as you see a potential problem, stop the work and learn how it happened in the first place.


2. Not considering the weather forecast.

Summer may be hot and dry during most of the season, especially in west Texas, but summer is also the heart of hurricane season. That means rain can hit hard when you’re not expecting it. Keep yourself up to date with the weather forecast so you can plan ahead on the tools you’ll need for your project. Even if the monthly forecast isn’t correct by the day, you’ll have a general idea of what you and your team can expect.


3. Not having directional boring contractors on hand.

Traditional drilling works for a variety of projects, but it’s good to have directional boring contractors on call when you need them. The last thing you want to do is find out that you’ll need to be drilling by a residential area and you need to start looking for Texas directional boring services from scratch.

Looking for directional boring contractors in your area?

It’s no secret that horizontal directional drilling is the way to go when it comes to drilling safely and efficiently, especially when installing utilities. In fact, according to the 2017 Horizontal Directional Drilling Survey, telecommunications installation increased its HDD market to 24.4% in 2017 after being driven by a fiber-to-the-premises wave.

If you’re looking for Texas directional boring contractors for your project, American Directional Boring has the underground boring services you need. For more information, contact American Directional Boring today.

3 Tips To Keep Your Workers Safe When Underground Boring In Hot Weather

underground drillingHell hath no fury like a Texas summer. With temperatures on the rise and the air getting thicker with humidity (or arid, if you’re in the west), it’s important now more than ever to get your contracting team ready to work in the heat.

To help keep everyone working on your project safe from the sun while also finishing what needs to get done, here are a few tips for horizontal directional drilling in some seriously hot weather.

1.Set up your work in the shade.

Tents are your best friend when it comes to underground boring during the summer months. And that’s not just because tents help to keep you and your crew protected from the sun. Tents also help to keep the work area dry when summer thunderstorms roll in to rain on your HDD parade.

2.Take frequent breaks.

It may sound like a contradiction when we say that taking frequent breaks will help you get your project done faster. But that’s the truth when it’s the summer. It’s also your moral and legal obligation as your contractors’ employer to make sure your team doesn’t suffer from heat exhaustion. Have your workers take 10-minute breaks every hour to spend some time in the shade and hydrate. Your workers will come back to their jobs refreshed rather than suffering from heat stress.

3.Know the signs of heat exhaustion and keep an eye out.

Heat stress and heat exhaustion can be extremely dangerous and it’s important that you keep an eye out in case any of your workers show signs of it. A common indicator of heat stress if stumbling while walking. This is because, when the brain begins to overheat, it doesn’t work as quickly, which can impact how we move and talk. Other common signs of heat stress include having difficulty thinking clearly, making decisions, and doing mental calculations.

Looking to outsource some help for your underground drilling?

It’s no secret that horizontal directional drilling is the standard when it comes to underground drilling. In fact, the global horizontal directional drilling market is expected to reach as high as $14.95 billion by 2022.

But even the most skilled HDD contractors need to take a break in the Texas summer heat. That’s where the Texas underground boring services of American Directional Boring come in. If you need a few extra hands working on your underground drilling project this summer, contact American Directional Boring today.