How To and Why Choose a Directional Boring Contractor

directional boring contractorsDirectional boring involves changing how water lines, gas pipelines, telecommunication lines, oil lines, and product pipelines are placed underground. As a business owner or homeowner looking to benefit from any of the services mentioned above, choosing the right directional boring contractor is crucial.

If you are new to this subject, deciding on the right contractor can be quite challenging. Here are some factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing which directional drilling company will fit your needs.

1. Experience

The boring contractor you select must have adequate experience in this field. This experience is necessary when it comes to undertaking challenging tasks like road boring and cross existing utilities.

In addition to the contractor’s professional experience in the field, you might also want to consider unique factors that may be helped by their know-how. If, for example, you live or work in a neighborhood where noise can be a concern, you’ll want a boring contractor who is experienced enough to handle the job without any fuss. The experience will also come in handy if you need the job done within a limited amount of time.

2. Equipment

Excellent directional boring can be delivered only by a contractor who has the required equipment. Before settling on a contractor, make sure that they have all the equipment necessary for the job.

Finding directional boring contractors who meet all the equipment needed should be a priority.

3. Location

Directional drilling requires years of knowledge and proper tooling selection depending on soil conditions and job site obstacles. A local contractor will likely have a solid reputation within your community and may be easier to contact on a consistent basis. That said, you shouldn’t rule out a company that regularly travels all over your home state to perform these tasks. Often, these contractors are in such high-demand that they will work with companies in need from both near and far. Choosing a Texas directional drilling contractor will allow you to facilitate consistent communication and ensure your project will be completed on time. However, you should think beyond your immediate community to ensure you’re actually hiring the best person for the job.

Why should you utilize directional boring?

You still might be on the fence on whether to choose directional boring or opt for traditional approaches. Here are a few benefits associated with trenchless drilling.

  • Trenchless drilling has little disturbance on the soil, unlike traditional options. The minimal soil disturbance means that you will not have to deal with mud or any problems associated with loose soil.
  • Directional boring comes in handy when dealing with obstructions like roads and buildings in your course of action. Experienced directional boring contractors can safely undertake the task without causing any damage.
  • You will have limited to no disruption of regular activity if you use trenchless drilling on roads or runways. This is essential if you are carrying out the task on busy streets and you don’t want to cause major traffic issues.
  • Directional boring eliminates the risk of contaminating groundwater — unlike when trenches are used.
  • Different pipes can be installed from a single location using trenchless drilling. This will save you a lot of time, allowing you to meet strict deadlines.
  • By hiring directional boring contractors (rather than digging trenches), you’ll be using an environmentally friendly method. Directional drilling rarely disturbs the ecosystem as everything above ground gets to stay in its place.

Keep in mind that the experience of the boring contractor and what equipment they have will play a significant role in how many of these benefits you get to enjoy.

Now that you know how to get the best directional boring contractors, you’re in a great place to find one with your priorities in mind. The benefits of directional drilling extend beyond what is mentioned above, making this a decision you won’t soon regret.

Directional Drilling: Is It Right For Your Property?

directional drillingIn this day and age, about 20% of Americans use septic tanks. While they were once one of the primary manners in which people disposed of their sewage, they’re now becoming less and less relevant, with 80% of Americans not using them at all. In turn, as we become more dependent on underground sewer lines, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for there to be alternative manners through which we carry out underground drilling. Fortunately, trenchless drilling for pipe installation, and specifically directional drilling, is offering homeowners options that were once completely unavailable to them. Yet, just as was the case as contractors and builders began to transition away from septic tanks, some remain skeptical. What do underground boring services and trenchless drilling offer that sets them apart from traditional drilling services? How do they change the game, and are they really worth it? Let’s look into what makes directional drilling so different from the alternatives, and why homeowners and contractors alike are beginning to favor what it has to offer.


What Is Directional Drilling?


Directional drilling, otherwise known as horizontal directional drilling, basically means that the drilling required to install piping is done without digging up the surface. One of the main reasons why homeowners are often reluctant to have their piping mended or replaced in a timely manner is that this often can cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding landscape. Not only is this ugly to look at — it often means that these homeowners end up spending much more than they expected. Not only are they spending on the job itself, but also the repairs in the aftermath. This is one of the reasons why people often end up choosing the trenchless work that directional drilling provides. While it does indeed get the job done, with great results, it doesn’t require you to ruin your property. For that matter, it’s often much less noticeable for you as a homeowner to endure while the work is being done. Ultimately, most people don’t get this type of work done because they want to; they do it because they have to. This approach simply makes it much easier on them.


Does Directional Drilling Offer The Same Results As Traditional Pipe Installations?


In fact, the results offered by directional drilling are often better than those offered by traditional pipe installation techniques. As previously mentioned, there is far less damage done to the surrounding soil. They’re just as strong as they would be if they were installed in any other manner. Furthermore, if there is ever damage to the pipes you’re working with, this can be more easily mended thanks to the nature of the installation process. Again, you won’t have to worry about your yard being ruined, and therefore you’ll be able to have them mended at any point in time, rather than putting off the process. Finally, the smaller crew required for this kind of works means that you’ll often be able to save money during the installation process.


What Happens If I Need To Replace My Pipes Down The Line?


Chances are that, as previously stated, your pipes installed in this manner will likely last longer than they would otherwise. However, if they do need to be replaced down the line, they can be replaced with similar or other trenchless technologies. The manner in which these pipes are installed also means that they can be inspected through underground camera equipment, which means that it’s easier for contractors to get to the source of the actual problem, instead of unnecessarily replacing more than they must.


The choice is yours. But there are so many benefits to using directional drilling services — why wouldn’t you choose to do so?

Directional Boring: The Best Way to Get Underground Drilling Services in Austin

Directional Boring: The Best Way to Get Underground Drilling Services in Austin

directional boring contractorBoring is essential on many projects that require trenchless technology (i.e. directional drilling known as directional boring). In Austin, Texas, you have to choose a drilling method that conforms to the local conditions and needs. That’s the reason drilling companies take time to study the area and understand the challenges that they are likely to face during this process.

If you look at Austin directional drilling contractors, you’ll notice differences in their specializations. Some of these contractors focus on small projects, while others work on large boring projects. You will also notice that they often use different size bore rigs. So why should you choose a contractor that utilized directional boring? Here are a few good reasons.

  1. It works for a variety of clients
    The grandeur of underground drilling technology makes it suitable for a variety of clients in Austin and beyond. Whether you are working on a commercial or a residential project, you can count on one of the contractors in this industry to give you the best results. Additionally, you can make adjustments to your bore path to suit your project needs and successfully install underground utilities.

    For commercial drilling projects, a directional boring contractor should know soil conditions, size and type of conduit, casing or pipe being installed by trenchless technology.  Large projects may require larger equipment which must have more support equipment. Smaller projects require less equipment and smaller bore rigs.

  2. It’s suited to sensitive boring scenarios
    Have you been unable to make progress with your underground drilling project due to sensitive conditions? With the right type of boring equipment we can offer boring solutions under almost any condition. For instance, you can use all terrain directional boring rigs to work through rocky conditions. Most trenchless boring companies in Austin dread working in sensitive situations.
  3. It can be used in most places 
    Where are you planning to carry out directional boring? While some locations provide an excellent working atmosphere, others require sophisticated techniques. When you use directional drilling, you can work on a project without much civil disturbance at the surface. Due to increased flexibility, a given Texas directional boring contractor can use directional boring when working under sidewalks, waterways, and other locations. Trenchless technology allows boring contractors to use different trenchless methods to get the customers what they require on projects. Nowadays, most highway boring companies prefer directional drilling because it is efficient. It is also a cost-effective option. Because of that, you can use it for pipe installation ranging from two to 48 inches in diameter and various lengths.
  4. It involves the latest drilling technology
    Trenchless Technology has had a major impact on the underground drilling industry. Advancements in trenchless technology have led to improved drilling methods, allowing directional boring to play a significant role. What makes it even better is that this is one of the underground drilling methods that can adapt to fast changes in technology. When it comes to horizontal directional boring, technological innovations can help you to achieve more accuracy. It is something that takes away a load of work from you. Things become even better when you know that trenchless technology will always advance. 

It’s also important to point out that getting the best underground drilling services requires you to get the right contractor. You may want to look at the projects that they worked on. Find out what their customers say about their services before choosing them.

From the information explained above, it is evident that directional boring is one of the best underground drilling methods. You may want to talk to your contractor to find out the unique things that can make your projects more successful. To be sure of the best boring services, contact us today and see what they can do for you.

5 Top Qualities to Look For In a Horizontal Directional Boring Contractor

5 Top Qualities to Look For In a Horizontal Directional Boring Contractor

underground boringHorizontal directional drilling is a huge market. By 2022, the market will hit $14.95 billion globally. Directional underground boring plays a huge role in projects that require the laying of oil pipes, gas pipes, fiber optic lines, water pipes, and communication lines.

Because there are so many projects that require underground drilling services, numerous underground boring companies have over the years increased significantly. Unfortunately, not every underground boring contractor out there is reliable. Some are out to make a quick buck in exchange for poor service.

So how can you tell that a directional boring contractor is worth your time and money? Here are five top qualities to look out for before handing out the contract.

1. Considerable Experience

Underground boring is huge business, and there are lots of companies that want a share of the profits that have little or no experience. Working with one of these companies can cause you a lot of regrets down the road. What you want is a Texas directional drilling contractor with enough experience to do a satisfactory job.

Ask the contractor how long they have been in business, and how many underground boring projects they average per year. Have they ever successfully completed projects similar to yours? Can they name those projects for your reference?

To verify that the directional drilling company has expert personnel, ask for proof of certification. If they are hesitant to share their certification with you, they’re probably not certified in the first place. That’s a huge red flag.

2. Good Reputation

The reputation of an underground boring contractor is a huge factor. It’s not enough that the Texas directional drilling company has been in the industry for decades. You need to know whether the contractor has been delivering excellent service consistently over the years.

If an underground boring contractor was hit by a scandal recently, it’s best to avoid working with them. Take the time to ask for testimonies from people who know the company well, especially previous clients. Read online reviews of the contractor before making your decision.

3. Suitable Location

The location of the underground boring company you’re thinking of hiring plays a big role in how well you’re going to work together. The best directional boring contractors are those located within your area. They are easily accessible to you, and it’s a lot easier for you to get all the information you need about them.

Moreover, underground boring contractors within your location are more likely to be more affordable because the cost of getting personnel and equipment to the job site is considerably less.

4. Full Insurance

Underground boring projects come with a considerable amount of risk. Top directional drilling contractors know that their workers will be handling heavy machinery and that accidents could happen at any time. They, therefore, prepare early.

As part of their unwavering commitment to safety, a reliable contractor goes the extra mile to make sure that all their personnel are fully insured at any given time. Any underground boring contractor that does not have insurance is likely to cause you trouble in one way or another. For your own peace of mind, stay away from such companies.

5. Modern Technology and Equipment

With the expansion of the underground boring industry comes new technology and sophisticated equipment. Top contractors are quick to embrace the latest advancements in the industry so they can provide more satisfactory services to their clients.

A company that possesses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced modeling software clearly shows its commitment to helping their clients step into the future. A company that’s still stuck in the last century, on the other hand, is less likely to meet your high expectations.


One of the most important steps towards a successful underground boring project is choosing the right contractor. This process does not need to be unnecessarily stressful. With some research, you can find a contractor with the right set of qualities for your project.

How to Find the Best Directional Drilling Contractor

How to Find the Best Directional Drilling Contractor

directional drillingDirectional drilling is a well-known drilling procedure that is currently being used in many infrastructure projects. Directional drilling contractors are required in the laying of gas pipes, water pipes, sewer lines, and communications lines in areas that need minimum land disturbances. These are utilities that are needed in both commercial and residential properties, which means that directional drilling is widely accepted and frequently necessary.

Financial data indicates that the directional drilling industry has been expanding steadily and is expected to reach $14.95 billion in the next three years. Thousands of people will be looking for trenchless pipe drilling experts for hire. In addition, business and governmental organizations will be laying communication lines along the road. If you need such services, here are some of the strategies you can use to select the best directional drilling company.

Field Experience

Underground directional boring is not a task that should be undertaken by contractors who lack in both skill and experience. It is a sensitive process that needs experience, precision, and technical know-how. You will come across hundreds of companies offering drilling services, but not all are proficient in their work. You should take time to analyze each company for the experience and the knowledge that technicians possess before making the final decision.

Industrial Reputation

Industrial reputation is an important factor to evaluate before hiring a drilling contractor. You need to conduct detailed and very objective research about each HDD contractor. You should aim to understand the quality of services offered by each company from the previous clients. Previous customers’ feedback should guide you in the decision making process. Choose a company with the highest industrial reputation and which is highly recommended by previous customers.

Contractor Location

Understanding the location of your contractor is a necessary consideration. There is no need for conducting detailed research on a boring contractor only for you to find out that they do not offer boring services in your area. Hiring a local boring technician does not only lower the cost of the entire project, but it means you have someone who understands your project and soil structure in the area.

Modern Boring Equipment

Just like in other industries, precision directional boring requires modern equipment and tools. You don’t want your communication lines to be installed by a company that is operating with obsolete equipment. Consider boring contractors who have invested heavily in boring equipment. By using cutting-edge equipment, your communication lines will be laid professionally and within a short period. Your task will be handled with speed, which might be a cost-saving bonus.

Contractor Certifications

Every state has specific rules and regulations that guide different contractors in the industry. Although the Federal government provides contractor framework, it is important to check whether your directional drilling contractor has been certified by your state. When you are working with certified a certified boring contractor, you’re sure that your project is in safe hands.

Insurance and Warranties

Precise directional boring is a critical project that consumes a considerable amount of money. Therefore, additional policies such as insurance and warranties should be present. Critical utility systems such as gas, sewer, and water pipes might be damaged during underground boring. With an insured company, you will not be required to pay the associated costs and repairs. A warranty program is also necessary so that the company can facilitate repair and maintenance of your communication lines.

Customer Relationships

Customer relationships form the foundation of all the services you will be getting from your boring contractor. Therefore, consider hiring trenchless boring companies that have excellent communication channels so that they can easily understand your boring needs. You don’t want to deal with drilling companies that don’t listen to the needs of their customers or who are difficult to communicate with.

Are you in need of directional drilling services in Texas? You need to hire an experienced HDD company that offers drilling services in residential and commercial properties. The company should provide drilling and boring services under sidewalks, rivers, creeks, parking lots, and more.