Why You Should Choose Trenchless Boring for Utility Installation

trenchless boring

When it comes to installing underground utilities, directional trenchless boring is quickly rising to be the most popular option of installation. Because this option is less disruptive to landscaping and it can be used virtually everywhere, it isn’t hard to see why so many are taking advantage of this option. If you need utilities installed, here are some of the biggest benefits of using directional drilling services.


1. A Durable option


Directional boring utilizes the same materials as open cut or trenching. This means you won’t have to worry about the type of pipe. In addition to this, the accuracy that comes with trenchless boring also helps prevent trench or open cut damage that can occur during installation.


2. Quick and Clean Installation


Trenchless drilling only impacts two main areas, the place where the drill is set up and the place where the utility will end. Because of this, there is less disruption and damage to the surrounding landscape. Traditional installation, alternatively, involves the digging of large trenches that have the potential to damage landscaping and obstruct the area due to the machinery being used. With trenchless boring, installation is quick, clean, and easy.


3. Flexible Installation


Directional boring can also be used virtually anywhere without worry. For instance, if a line needs to be run under a road, you won’t have to worry about diverting traffic or digging up a large section to lay the lines. Trenchless boring can be conducted seamlessly and without disruption to traffic. For this reason, trenchless boring is often employed in busy areas where other options would cause obstructions.


4. Less Soil Contamination


Because trenchless boring moves the soil to the side, instead of pushing it to the surface, you lower the risk of soil contamination. With traditional trench digging, contamination is a large concern that could pose a significant threat to the environment. Trenchless options ensure nothing is compromised and instead allows for the job to be completed quickly and safely.


If you are in need of utility installation, reach out to directional drilling contractors and set up a consultation so that you can experience these benefits for yourself.

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