What is Directional Drilling and How It Benefits You

near-horizontal inclination

Horizontal directional drilling and auger boring can be used for installing water, sewer, power, telecommunication, and gas utility installations that require underground trenches and pipes. With this process utilities can be easily installed with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape, making it a good choice for both businesses and homes.


Understanding Directional Drilling


Directional drilling services can be used to drill horizontally underground without having to excavate a large amount of land. In the past, when utility lines have to be run underground, large trenched would have to be dug in order to lay the pipes or lines. This not only disrupts the landscape but can be obtrusive during the installation process. For this reason, more and more businesses are turning to horizontal directional drilling when they require additional utility services.


How Does Directional Drilling Work?


Directional drilling contractors can set up quickly without causing damage to surrounding landscaping. The driller and locater use advanced trenchless technology to steer the drill head and ensure proper placement of pipe. This ensures that contractors can monitor where they are drilling. As the drill bores into the ground, a solution of bentonite polymer is injected to provide additional stability and ensure that the hole doesn’t collapse in on itself. Once the borehole is complete, a reamer is inserted to increase the size and accommodate the necessary piping. Finally, contractors will install the piping, fusing the lengths together to create a seamless connection throughout the length.


The Advantages


  • Pipes implanted via directional drilling are placed with great accuracy.
  • The installation process is quicker and cleaner than traditional trench digging.
  • The crew of contractors required for digging and installation is much smaller.
  • Directional drilling can be conducted virtually everywhere allowing for seamless and easy piping to most establishments.
  • There is a lower risk for soil contamination with directional drilling.


If you are in need of underground utilities, consider reaching out to a directional drilling service for quick, clean, and easy pipe installation.

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