Major Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Drilling Technology

trenchless pipe drillingDirectional drilling offers several benefits, as discussed below.

1. Pocket-Friendly

You might have a perception that using trenchless pipe drilling in Texas will cost you much more than using traditional excavation techniques. The trenchless technology used in directional boring may look expensive and complex. However, it has been consistently proved that directional boring can be competitive and often less than open cut excavation that is very common in pipe installation. It is an effective pipe installation in Texas with trenchless technology.

2. Diminished Environmental Disruptions

Trenchless pipe drilling has less environmental disruptions. This technology eliminates excessive waste and removal of materials from the surface of the earth. There is minimal disruption on the surface that can have negative impacts on the surrounding environment. If you are a contractor or homeowner horizontal directional drilling creates much less civil disturbance than trenching or open cut.

3. Enhanced Accuracy

If you live in congested Austin suburbs where you need accurate pipe placement and installation, horizontal directional boring is the way to go. A layman may assume that Texas directional boring may be inaccurate, however, it has consistently been proven that precision directional boring is very accurate during installation, repair, and maintenance. You can rest assured that your pipe will be placed accurately.

4. Superlative Safety

Excavation is one of the most complex engineering undertakings. The issue of safety, especially to our employees is paramount. However, trenchless pipe drilling eliminates many possible problems and accidents as opposed to other open cut methods.  Directional boring has many advantages to surrounding job sites.

5. Faster Digging and Installation

Underground directional boring and installation is much faster as compared to the traditional excavation method. The equipment drills horizontally, which means that the issue of of open trenches, is eliminated. This trenchless pipe drilling method takes shorter time and can help you finish projects cleaner and faster. Being faster means less man hours and more profit.

6. Improved Durability of Pipes

Traditional pipe installation expose pipe to construction traffic, which would damage a pipe. However, trenchless pipe drilling eliminates exposure of pipe. This technology typically uses roll pipe or conduit.  It is also possible to pass pipes under rivers, pavements, and tarmac roads, which is essential in enhancing their durability.

7. Convenient Technical Process

If you are looking for a convenient technical process where you will not be required to remove your permanent and semi-permanent structures, you need to consider trenchless technology. It is a simple process that can be undertaken in areas with obstructions such as buildings and other structures. You will not have to relocate to install pipes. 

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