Directional Drilling: Is It Right For Your Property?

directional drillingIn this day and age, about 20% of Americans use septic tanks. While they were once one of the primary manners in which people disposed of their sewage, they’re now becoming less and less relevant, with 80% of Americans not using them at all. In turn, as we become more dependent on underground sewer lines, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for there to be alternative manners through which we carry out underground drilling. Fortunately, trenchless drilling for pipe installation, and specifically directional drilling, is offering homeowners options that were once completely unavailable to them. Yet, just as was the case as contractors and builders began to transition away from septic tanks, some remain skeptical. What do underground boring services and trenchless drilling offer that sets them apart from traditional drilling services? How do they change the game, and are they really worth it? Let’s look into what makes directional drilling so different from the alternatives, and why homeowners and contractors alike are beginning to favor what it has to offer.


What Is Directional Drilling?


Directional drilling, otherwise known as horizontal directional drilling, basically means that the drilling required to install piping is done without digging up the surface. One of the main reasons why homeowners are often reluctant to have their piping mended or replaced in a timely manner is that this often can cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding landscape. Not only is this ugly to look at — it often means that these homeowners end up spending much more than they expected. Not only are they spending on the job itself, but also the repairs in the aftermath. This is one of the reasons why people often end up choosing the trenchless work that directional drilling provides. While it does indeed get the job done, with great results, it doesn’t require you to ruin your property. For that matter, it’s often much less noticeable for you as a homeowner to endure while the work is being done. Ultimately, most people don’t get this type of work done because they want to; they do it because they have to. This approach simply makes it much easier on them.


Does Directional Drilling Offer The Same Results As Traditional Pipe Installations?


In fact, the results offered by directional drilling are often better than those offered by traditional pipe installation techniques. As previously mentioned, there is far less damage done to the surrounding soil. They’re just as strong as they would be if they were installed in any other manner. Furthermore, if there is ever damage to the pipes you’re working with, this can be more easily mended thanks to the nature of the installation process. Again, you won’t have to worry about your yard being ruined, and therefore you’ll be able to have them mended at any point in time, rather than putting off the process. Finally, the smaller crew required for this kind of works means that you’ll often be able to save money during the installation process.


What Happens If I Need To Replace My Pipes Down The Line?


Chances are that, as previously stated, your pipes installed in this manner will likely last longer than they would otherwise. However, if they do need to be replaced down the line, they can be replaced with similar or other trenchless technologies. The manner in which these pipes are installed also means that they can be inspected through underground camera equipment, which means that it’s easier for contractors to get to the source of the actual problem, instead of unnecessarily replacing more than they must.


The choice is yours. But there are so many benefits to using directional drilling services — why wouldn’t you choose to do so?

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