How to Find the Best Directional Drilling Contractor

How to Find the Best Directional Drilling Contractor

directional drillingDirectional drilling is a well-known drilling procedure that is currently being used in many infrastructure projects. Directional drilling contractors are required in the laying of gas pipes, water pipes, sewer lines, and communications lines in areas that need minimum land disturbances. These are utilities that are needed in both commercial and residential properties, which means that directional drilling is widely accepted and frequently necessary.

Financial data indicates that the directional drilling industry has been expanding steadily and is expected to reach $14.95 billion in the next three years. Thousands of people will be looking for trenchless pipe drilling experts for hire. In addition, business and governmental organizations will be laying communication lines along the road. If you need such services, here are some of the strategies you can use to select the best directional drilling company.

Field Experience

Underground directional boring is not a task that should be undertaken by contractors who lack in both skill and experience. It is a sensitive process that needs experience, precision, and technical know-how. You will come across hundreds of companies offering drilling services, but not all are proficient in their work. You should take time to analyze each company for the experience and the knowledge that technicians possess before making the final decision.

Industrial Reputation

Industrial reputation is an important factor to evaluate before hiring a drilling contractor. You need to conduct detailed and very objective research about each HDD contractor. You should aim to understand the quality of services offered by each company from the previous clients. Previous customers’ feedback should guide you in the decision making process. Choose a company with the highest industrial reputation and which is highly recommended by previous customers.

Contractor Location

Understanding the location of your contractor is a necessary consideration. There is no need for conducting detailed research on a boring contractor only for you to find out that they do not offer boring services in your area. Hiring a local boring technician does not only lower the cost of the entire project, but it means you have someone who understands your project and soil structure in the area.

Modern Boring Equipment

Just like in other industries, precision directional boring requires modern equipment and tools. You don’t want your communication lines to be installed by a company that is operating with obsolete equipment. Consider boring contractors who have invested heavily in boring equipment. By using cutting-edge equipment, your communication lines will be laid professionally and within a short period. Your task will be handled with speed, which might be a cost-saving bonus.

Contractor Certifications

Every state has specific rules and regulations that guide different contractors in the industry. Although the Federal government provides contractor framework, it is important to check whether your directional drilling contractor has been certified by your state. When you are working with certified a certified boring contractor, you’re sure that your project is in safe hands.

Insurance and Warranties

Precise directional boring is a critical project that consumes a considerable amount of money. Therefore, additional policies such as insurance and warranties should be present. Critical utility systems such as gas, sewer, and water pipes might be damaged during underground boring. With an insured company, you will not be required to pay the associated costs and repairs. A warranty program is also necessary so that the company can facilitate repair and maintenance of your communication lines.

Customer Relationships

Customer relationships form the foundation of all the services you will be getting from your boring contractor. Therefore, consider hiring trenchless boring companies that have excellent communication channels so that they can easily understand your boring needs. You don’t want to deal with drilling companies that don’t listen to the needs of their customers or who are difficult to communicate with.

Are you in need of directional drilling services in Texas? You need to hire an experienced HDD company that offers drilling services in residential and commercial properties. The company should provide drilling and boring services under sidewalks, rivers, creeks, parking lots, and more.

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