3 Tips To Keep Your Workers Safe When Underground Boring In Hot Weather

underground drillingHell hath no fury like a Texas summer. With temperatures on the rise and the air getting thicker with humidity (or arid, if you’re in the west), it’s important now more than ever to get your contracting team ready to work in the heat.

To help keep everyone working on your project safe from the sun while also finishing what needs to get done, here are a few tips for horizontal directional drilling in some seriously hot weather.

1.Set up your work in the shade.

Tents are your best friend when it comes to underground boring during the summer months. And that’s not just because tents help to keep you and your crew protected from the sun. Tents also help to keep the work area dry when summer thunderstorms roll in to rain on your HDD parade.

2.Take frequent breaks.

It may sound like a contradiction when we say that taking frequent breaks will help you get your project done faster. But that’s the truth when it’s the summer. It’s also your moral and legal obligation as your contractors’ employer to make sure your team doesn’t suffer from heat exhaustion. Have your workers take 10-minute breaks every hour to spend some time in the shade and hydrate. Your workers will come back to their jobs refreshed rather than suffering from heat stress.

3.Know the signs of heat exhaustion and keep an eye out.

Heat stress and heat exhaustion can be extremely dangerous and it’s important that you keep an eye out in case any of your workers show signs of it. A common indicator of heat stress if stumbling while walking. This is because, when the brain begins to overheat, it doesn’t work as quickly, which can impact how we move and talk. Other common signs of heat stress include having difficulty thinking clearly, making decisions, and doing mental calculations.

Looking to outsource some help for your underground drilling?

It’s no secret that horizontal directional drilling is the standard when it comes to underground drilling. In fact, the global horizontal directional drilling market is expected to reach as high as $14.95 billion by 2022.

But even the most skilled HDD contractors need to take a break in the Texas summer heat. That’s where the Texas underground boring services of American Directional Boring come in. If you need a few extra hands working on your underground drilling project this summer, contact American Directional Boring today.

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