Directional Boring and Where to Get a Boring Contractor in Texas

directional boring contractorsDirectional boring is a type of trenchless drilling that minimizes disruption. This type of drilling requires specialized equipment and skills, which makes it vital to talk to qualified directional boring contractors before you start the work. Directional drilling is a very effective method of reaching underground locations, especially ones near sensitive areas.

Directional drilling offers you one great advantage over other methods. This is that there will be fewer disturbances. In fact, the only two areas to be disturbed during the process is the kick-off point and any areas that need connections of utilities. This makes HDD effective and less costly.

Directional boring and horizontal boring are terms used synonymously most of the time, but they have a distinct difference. As explained by directional boring contractors, horizontal boring is used when dealing with large sized drilling rigs such as long lengths that extend through thousands of feet. Directional boring, on the other hand, refers to trenchless digging that extends to short distances. This process also bores holes with small diameters.

Although the difference is only found in the area and distance, it’s difficult to tell the difference in the machines used in each process. Both methods may employ the use of high-density polyethylene pipe, which is used approximately 49.7% of the time.

The equipment a contractor will choose to use is highly dependent on several factors. This includes the diameter of the pipe, the length the connection is to travel, ground condition, and the surroundings above. Larger bores can command the use of heavy equipment that weighs up to 600 tons or more.

Directional Boring is suitable for all types of soil including rocky, silt, and clay, which are traditionally known to be difficult during excavations. However, directional boring contractors may come into some problems when working in areas that have coarse gravel, cobbles, and boulders. Other than that, this underground drilling method is your best bet for a fast, easy connection, be it of utilities, plumbing pipes, or electrical construction.

Where to Find Texas HDD Services

Horizontal directional drilling is responsible for much of the new utility connections in the United States, including over 1.2 million megawatts of generation capacity. This shows that HDD plays a vital role in the economy because of its effectiveness and overall efficiency.

Whether you are planning on drilling on an empty lot or drilling near sensitive areas such as railway lines and golf courses, directional drilling is your best option because of the numerous advantages it offers you. If you are thinking of hiring a Texas directional contractor but you have no idea where to start, feel free to contact our team for more information. We will be happy to connect you with qualified Texas directional boring contractors.

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