Benefits of directional drilling services to your contracting business

directional drilling servicesWhen it comes to the execution of a project by contractors, there are times when there is a need for a passage beneath some established infrastructure or installations for evacuation cannot be done. In these cases, it is required to have boring of the ground done, and this is where directional drilling services comes in. The process is mostly applicable to contractors dealing with electricity, TV cables, Internet cables, and those dealing with water, fuel and any other fluids. With the absence of these services, companies dealing with these critical installations could face plenty of challenges such as rerouting their path when encountered with structures that technically cannot be moved.

In this article, we will sum up the benefits that you stand to gain as a contractor by using directional drilling services.

Lesser disruptions

Trenching is quite an interruptive activity. However, this is the most cost-effective when it comes to open grounds. Nevertheless, this changes when it comes to established infrastructure such as roads or even buildings in the path of the trenching project. Trenching over a highway would cause massive disruptions to the flow of traffic as well as to the stability of the ground around it and not to mention the cost for such a short distance. This is the reason directional drilling services would be a great asset in such a trenching project.

Lower the cost

During a trenching project, without the assistance of directional drilling services, the costs incurred would be massive. This could be due to the use of longer routes to get the trenches through and in some cases, the only possible way to get across would have been through demolishing some structures. Since this would be a labor-intensive project and also the cost of reconstructing is high, it would indeed be very expensive.


Considering the time it would take to use an alternative path or even demolish and reconstruct later, trenchless boring is fast to implement and saves a project plenty of time. As it is the case with any other projects, time is of great essence, and when this is achieved, it positively impacts on the overall completion of the project. Also, it is important to note that whenever a project time is reduced, the cost of the project also goes down significantly, and this is good news for your contracting company.

Little soil contamination

With normal trenching, there is excess movement of the soil, and in the process, this affects the ground next to the trench. In the process, there is contamination of the soil around the area by the essence of being exposed and also being backfilled in the unnatural layering. This is contrary to when directional drilling is done and the conduit placed since in that case, there is a minimal disturbance of the soil and only the area equivalent to the diameter of the conduit is affected.


Trenchless drilling is way safer as compared to physical trenching. This can be looked at simply by noting the number of things that can go wrong in the project or even the number of workers on the ground. In the case of the former, the drilling equipment is operated by one person while the other is an assistant while in the later there are numerous individuals involved, especially if excavation is required. With a few personnel and their roles being clear cut, then it is easy to implement safety measures that will work better.

Ecosystem friendly

Open excavation presents numerous challenges, and one of it is that you risk contaminating groundwater and soil, as noted above. However, with the use of directional drilling services, the areas of impact are reduced, and this, in effect significantly reduces the chances of contamination, especially when it comes to groundwater.


It has been found that compared to traditional drilling methods, directional drilling has the capacity to produce twice the amount of gas or oil being extracted. As a result, this has led to increased use of the directional boring. In addition to the benefits above, it is clear that it is a clear winner and presents a sure way to go for contractors who value peace of mind and speed in their projects.

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