5 Times When It’s Good To Hire HDD Contractors

Austin directional drilling contractors

Both trenchless and traditional drilling are used on a variety of projects year-round including utility installations and plumbing repairs. However, traditional drilling isn’t the best method for every construction project.

Here are five times when it’s a good idea to leave the traditional drilling equipment at home and to contact your local Austin directional drilling contractors instead:

  1. You’re working by a roadway. Horizontal directional drilling works best when you’re working around a roadway or another populated area. If minor construction projects like road repairs cause major traffic jams, you can only imagine the nightmare that traditional drilling would cause. HDD allows you to drill by busy areas without impacted the surrounding environment.
  2. You need to drill as quickly as possible. Construction projects don’t always go according to schedule. If you’re falling behind on your project and you still need to drill to make repairs, install utilities, or access an oil line, traditional drilling could delay your deadline even more. HDD takes less time because you don’t have to worry about damaging and repairing the surrounding area around the drill site.
  3. You’re working by a waterway. Horizontal directional drilling actually became a popular method of drilling when it was first used to drill under a river crossing. It minimizes the negative impact of construction on the surrounding areas, which makes it eco-friendly and the ideal method of installation.
  4. You’re working on small-diameter gas lines. In the past, HDD was used by the oil and gas industry on large-diameter, cross-country pipeline transmission lines. But in recent years, HDD has been approved for small-diameter gas distribution lines in suburban and urban areas. They’ve also been used for municipal water and telecommunication cable crossings at airports.
  5. You’re looking for lower-cost drilling. Horizontal directional drilling not only gained popularity because of its ability to drill under waterways. It also became the preferred technique of utility and pipeline companies because of its lower costs and decreased surface disruption.

Looking for Austin directional drilling contractors?

It’s no secret horizontal directional drilling is an efficient and cost-effective method for boring. In fact, the global horizontal directional drilling market is expected to reach as high as $14.95 billion by 2022.

If you’re looking for Austin directional drilling contractors for your project, American Directional Boring has got you covered. For more information on our Texas directional boring services or our previous construction projects, contact American Directional Boring today.

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