Need Sewage Line Repairs? HDD Can Give You An Advantage

boring contractorsWhen it comes to plumbing, only about 20% of Americans (those who use septic tanks) know where their wastewater goes. Wastewater will travel through sewage lines to treatment facilities or to disposal.

But sewage lines don’t last forever. All sewage lines will eventually need some kind of repair. The good news is horizontal directional drilling contractors can make sewage line repairs that much easier because of the benefits HDD provides.

What kind of benefits does HDD offer?

Many people think that sewage line repairs mean messy excavations that can damage the landscape and yard surrounding the area. But that isn’t true with horizontal directional drilling.

HDD typically only disturbs the area where the drill rig is set up and the place where any utilities need to be connected. The property surrounding the sewage line will be almost entirely untouched.

HDD contractors will dig two small access holes at either end of the sewage line section that needs to be repaired. They’ll then pull a new section of pipe into place and remove the old section.

The innovative technology used in HDD eliminates the need for excavations, so you don’t have to worry about turning the area into a major construction zone. With HDD, your sewage line will be repaired in no time and with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

When do I need to repair my sewage lines?

Your sewage lines might need repairs for many different reasons including natural wear and tear, human activity such as clogs, or plant activity. Trees, in particular, are known for wrapping their roots around pipelines.

Some of the most common causes for sewage line repairs include:

  • Joint leaks. The line joints of your sewage lines can come apart and leak because of shifting soil, root penetration, or settling foundation.
  • Damage. Your sewage lines can suffer from breaks, cracks, or bending because of pressure caused by frozen ground, root penetration, or settling foundation.
  • Corrosion. Even if your sewage lines are undamaged, they can naturally corrode over time.
  • Blockages. Sewage lines commonly suffer from blockages caused by a buildup of too many non-degradable objects such as baby wipes.
  • Line sinking. Your home’s foundation isn’t the only thing that can sink. Your sewage lines can also sink lower in some areas when the ground settles. This causes the line to accumulate water and lose its grade.

Looking for horizontal directional boring contractors?

Horizontal directional drilling is not only great for pipeline installations but also for pipeline repairs. If your sewage lines are having issues, it might be in your best interest to contact your local Texas boring contractors.

American Directional Boring provides underground drilling services so you can make the sewage line repairs you need without the fuss. To learn more about our underground boring services or our boring contractors, contact American Directional Boring today.

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