4 Frequently Asked Questions About HDD

underground drilling servicesHorizontal directional drilling is commonly used for highway bores and drilling near waterways. Because you don’t need to use HDD for every project, chances are you outsource your underground drilling services when you need them.

If you have some questions about directional drilling, you’re definitely not alone. Although this method of drilling is popular, there are many misconceptions about the practice.

That said, here are some of the most common questions asked about horizontal directional drilling, answered.

  1. How does horizontal directional drilling work? HDD starts with the setup of the drill rig. The drill rig is placed on the ground over the specified location of the pilot hole. From there, a small hole (the pilot bore) is drilled from one point along the surface to another. This makes way for the installation of the product pipe, gas line, or telecommunications line. The pilot bore is then enlarged to the diameter needed. This is called reaming. When the hole is big enough, the pipeline, gas line, or telecommunications line can be installed.
  2. What are the different applications for HDD? Horizontal directional drilling can be used for a wide variety of projects including the installation of gas and irrigation pipelines, drinking water lines, and sewer pressure lines. Other applications include fiber optic installations, electrical conduit installations, duct and culvert installations, traffic routing system installations, and water intakes.
  3. When is HDD considered the best option? HDD can be used for any drilling application, but it isn’t necessary for every drilling job. The applications where HDD is the best option, though, including areas with large waterways, roads, rail yards, vineyard, sidewalks, hillsides, and other sensitive areas. HDD is used when traditional trenching would be impractical or costly.
  4. Does HDD have an environmental impact? HDD barely impacts the surrounding environment, which is why it’s chosen for drilling in sensitive areas or areas where there’s high foot-traffic or vehicle traffic.

Where can I find underground drilling services near me?

Horizontal directional drilling is considered the industry standard for drilling because, in most cases, HDD will only disturb two areas. These areas include the location where the machine is set up and any place where the utilities need to be connected.

If you’re Texas horizontal directional drilling services in your area, American Directional Boring is the place for you. For information about our underground drilling services or HDD contractors, contact American Directional Boring today.

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