3 Reasons Why Using The Wrong Drilling Tools Can Cost You

Texas directional drilling contractorYour top priority for your construction project is to complete the job as efficiently and profitably as possible. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to cut corners and say your work is good enough just so you can wrap up your project and get onto the next one.

In fact, when you make the wrong decisions about your drilling tools, those decisions can come back to haunt you later. Don’t believe us? Here are three ways using the wrong tools can negatively impact your entire project.

  1. You’ll cause damage to your tools and rig. Some contractors try to save money by using an undersized tool. Unfortunately, you can end up damaging the tool and the rig when you use undersized tooling on a rig with a higher pullback rating and torque. Be sure you’re using the right tool for the job and don’t try to save money by sharing tools across drill rigs.
  2. You’ll accelerate your tool’s wear and tear. Your drilling tools will wear down over time. But when you use the wrong tools for the job, you can end up accelerating that wear and tear. For instance, poorly applying cutters to your drill to increase the diameter can not only slow down your project but it can also break your tools in the middle of your job.
  3. You’ll slow yourself down and lower your profits. The reason why you’re trying to cut corners in the first place is to save time and money. But you can end up costing yourself more time and money when you use the wrong tools. When you try to make do with the tools you have instead of taking the time to figure out what tools you really need, you can end up slowing down your project. The wrong tools will make it take longer to drill and, in some cases, you may even need to abandon your rig if things go badly.

Where can I find a Texas directional drilling contractor near me?

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