How Does Cold Weather Impact My Drilling Project?

texas hddTexas has mild winters where sub-zero conditions aren’t something many people need to ever worry about. But that doesn’t mean the Lone Star state hasn’t seen its own fair share of snow. A snowstorm swept through San Antonio to Houston just last winter.

What does winter weather mean for you and your construction projects? Frozen ground and the stress of the cold on your machines can slow your production way down.

The good news is that, by choosing the right equipment and being smart about how you use them, you can make the most out of your operation snow or shine.

Choose the right equipment

When the ground is cold, your regular drilling tools might not work like they usually do. You might notice that drilling the pilot bore takes longer than usual.

Drillers in colder areas typically drill the pilot bore in cold conditions with dirt bits or blades packed with carbide blocks on the sides of the blades. This helps the drill make its way through frozen ground.

It’s also a good idea to talk to the manufacturer of the equipment you’re using. You can get a better idea about which blade is the strongest option for drilling in frozen ground without causing as much wear and tear to the equipment.

Make sure your equipment is well-lubricated

The metalworking fluids you’re using to lubricate your equipment can be impacted by the cold weather. Lower temperatures cause lubricant to become thicker and slower-moving.

This can negatively impact your project and slow down production. So what can you do to keep your lubricants from causing your equipment to seize up?

Ask the manufacturer of your equipment about which metalworking fluids may work best on your machines during cold conditions. It also helps to work as efficiently as possible in the colder weather. The longer your machines are in the cold, the faster your lubricants will change in viscosity.

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