3 Reasons Why Traditional Trenching Can’t Be Used For Every Project

underground boring serviceHorizontal directional drilling is great for construction projects that involve installing gas pipelines, water lines, oil lines, and telecommunications. This is especially true when these projects take place in areas where avoiding civil disturbances is crucial.

But what would happen if you used traditional trenching on a construction project where HDD would actually be the better choice? In short, a major construction nightmare.

When would it be a horrible idea to use traditional trenching?

Traditional trenching is used on a lot of construction projects. In some cases, it’s actually used alongside horizontal directional drilling.

But traditional trenching isn’t always the best choice in certain situations because it can cause a major disruption to the surrounding area. That said, here are a few scenarios where using traditional trenching would be an absolute nightmare for everyone involved:

  1. Near roads or highways. If you were to use traditional trenching near or under a road, you would need to block off the road completely because of the resulting damage. This would be a major issue for a number of reasons. First, you would need to figure out a sufficient detour for drivers. Second, you would need to incorporate road repairs into your budget and timeline.
  2. In residential areas. There’s a reason why horizontal directional drilling is used for installing telecommunications and other utilities. It’s because HDD has a minimal impact on the surrounding area. If you used traditional trenching in a residential area, you would need more than a permit. You’d need several letters of apology to the surrounding neighbors and to the homeowners whose home you’re working on for temporarily destroying their yard.
  3. In a commercial area. The last thing a business is going to want is a major construction zone in their yard that could distract clients and customers from going inside. Angry neighbors are one thing, but an angry business owner is another.

Where can I find an underground boring service near me?

In 2017, telecommunications installations increased its horizontal directional drilling market to 24.4%, and for good reason. Underground boring services make for easy telecommunications and pipeline installation with minimal cleanup.

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