Why Do HDD Contractors Use Polyethylene Pipe?

texas underground boring servicesHorizontal directional drilling is the most cost-effective and efficient method for highway bores. One of the reasons why HDD is so effective is because directional boring contractors utilize polyethylene pipe.


High-density polyethylene pipe is the most common type of pipe used in the directional drilling market and is used for 49.7% of projects.


But what is polyethylene pipe and what makes it so advantageous to use in trenchless drilling?


What is high-density polyethylene pipe?


High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer pipe that’s made from the monomer ethylene, which is capable of being melted and reformed. Sometimes called polythene when it’s used for pipes, polyethylene pipes are flexible, durable, and incredibly resistant.


Polyethylene pipe has been used for piping applications for more than 50 years because of its incredible physical and performance benefits. It’s these benefits that make it a great choice for piping systems installing by directional boring contractors.


What are the advantages of using polyethylene pipe?


There are many reasons why polyethylene pipe has been used in trenchless technology for years and why it continues to be a key ingredient in many piping projects today.


Here are three advantages that polyethylene pipe provides in many pipe installation projects:



  1. Corrosion resistance.¬†Corrosion is a common problem in metal piping systems that can occur both inside and outside the pipe. Unfortunately, corrosion can impact hydraulic efficiency. In comparison, HDPE pipe doesn’t rust or corrode.
  2. Fatigue resistance. Unlike metal piping systems, HDPE pipe is flexible and ductile rather than rigid, which makes it great for taking on pressure such as handling surge events in water distribution systems.
  3. Leak-free joints.¬†Traditional piping has a specified leakage factor that can be problematic in some cases when joined with mechanical type joints. This causes water loss and waste in water distribution systems. Yet, with HDPE piping, leaking isn’t a problem. HDPE piping systems can be joined with heat fusion, which produces leak-free joints that are permanent.



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