If Your HDD Contractors Aren’t Doing These Things, They May Not Be Reliable

hdd contractorsHDD is generally accomplished in three main phases. First, a pilot hole is drilled along a directional path from one surface point to another. Next, the bore is enlarged to a diameter that will facilitate the installation of a pipeline. Lastly, the pipeline is pulled into the hole, creating a continuous segment of pipe underground. But before you choose a company to provide directional boring contractors, you should be able to recognize the signs of a good business — as well as one that may not be so reliable.


Not Keeping Accurate Drilling Logs


This is a basic standard that should be second nature to all reliable underground directional boring contractors. HDD contractors and all underground construction workers should make detailed notes of their completed projects:


“It is essential for contractors to keep accurate drilling logs for all projects completed. These drilling logs, once analyzed, then provide the competitive edge and become the basis for planning and costing future projects. The drilling logs must accurately capture details of the tooling, rig performance and drilling fluid system. These records can then be aligned with the steering engineers report, allowing for a precise geological model, including timeline plots to be constructed for use in the reaming operations,” writes Michelle Goldsmith onĀ Utility Magazine.


Not Surveying the Entire Route


Properly surveying the full length of the land designated to the project is also a major responsibility that responsible underground construction contractors should have no problem completing. Failing to do so can increase risks to human health and safety as well as tools and existing piping and underground components. Even if contractors feel as though they’re familiar with the land they’re working with, you can never be sure if recent changes have resulted from geological or human interference.


According to the 2017 Horizontal Directional Drilling Survey, telecommunications installation, driven by the fiber-to-the-premises wave, increased its HDD market to 24.4% in 2017, and the demand for these services continues to rise. In fact, directional drilling produces twice the amount of oil or gas being extracted (compared to traditional methods). That being said, choosing reliable HDD contractors is the best way to ensure project efficiency and success. For more information about underground boring contractors, contact American Directional Boring.


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