What Makes Directional Drilling The Industry Standard? An In-Depth Look, Part 3

Texas directional boring contractorsIn part two of our series on what makes horizontal directional drilling the industry standard we went in-depth about what separates HDD from trenching and how HDD leaves minimal damage to the surrounding area.

Now, in part three, we’ll talk about other construction footprints HDD can leave on the surrounding area of the bore path and the benefits that make HDD the ultimate industry standard in trenchless technology.

How does HDD work with bore water?

Water used for boring tends to come up to the surface during the drilling process. While this isn’t too much of a problem, the sod or grass in the surrounding area may still need to be replaced.

This is where HDD once again beats out traditional trenching. Horizontal directional drilling is less likely to disturb the surrounding area with bore water compared to trenching because the only area disturbed is the initial drilling site.

It’s for this reason that HDD is often chosen not only to keep from damaging major areas such as roads or rivers but also to keep damage to a minimum altogether.

What are the other benefits of HDD?

In the past two blog posts, you’ve learned about the benefits of HDD and how this trenchless drilling causes minimal damage and no limitations compared to trenching. But what about the other benefits of HDD?

Here are a few other benefits of horizontal directional drilling that puts HDD in the number one spot when it comes to the drilling industry.


  1. HDD reduces the chance of fractures to existing rock formations.
  2. Only one area is needed to install different pipelines.
  3. There’s a smaller risk of groundwater contamination compared to trenching.
  4. HDD reduces the risk of soil disturbance.
  5. HDD allows for drilling beneath other ongoing site operations.
  6. HDD isn’t impacted directly by weather conditions.
  7. Excavation and shoring costs are lower than open cut trenching.
  8. Directional drilling produces twice as much gas or oil that’s extracted.
  9. HDD can be used to replace existing pipelines.
  10. HDD is considered safer than open cut trenching.


Find the Texas directional boring contractors to meet your needs

Horizontal directional drilling is used for many different purposes. In fact, telecommunications installation has increased its horizontal directional drilling market to 24.4% in 2017 alone.

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