5 Tips You Can Use To Avoid Construction Nightmares

construction projectsConstruction projects vary from one to the next with some only taking a few weeks and others being more long-term. Often, long-term projects are planned ahead of time but sometimes short projects become long-term due to design errors, unexpected site conditions, weather conditions, and engineering changes.


It’s no secret things can go wrong at your construction site leading to headaches, longer neighborhood disturbances, and overall construction nightmares. That said, here’s how you can avoid these issues before they happen:


1. Date your blueprints. One cause for concern when it comes to construction projects is blueprint confusion because your subcontractors are working off of old blueprints. Date your blueprints so you can be sure your subcontractors are working with your most recent plans.


2. Fix a mistake as soon as you see it. The sooner you’re able to fix a mistake, the better. Once you notice the mistake, figure out why it happened. If you don’t understand the cause of the mistake, it could happen again.


3. Give yourself some wiggle room. When you create a construction schedule for your clients, make sure that you’re giving yourself some wiggle room in case of any delays due to design mistakes or weather conditions.


4. Pay attention to the weather forecast. While you’re giving yourself wiggle room in your construction schedule, make sure you’re paying close attention to the weather forecast for the week and month. Although they may not always be accurate, especially when forecasted a month in advance, you can get a general idea for what the weather will be like during that period.


5. Use trenchless technology to install gas lines and more. When you install gas lines, telecommunications, or water lines, be sure that you use horizontal directional drilling instead of regular drilling technology. HDD is the safest and most efficient method for drilling because it doesn’t disturb the area around the drilling site.



Where can I hire Texas directional boring contractors?

Horizontal directional drilling is your most cost-effective method when it comes to highway bores. There’s a reason why it’s the current industry standard for bores between 2 and 48-inch diameters and 600 ft to 1800 ft in length.

American Directional Boring has the Texas directional drilling services you need to streamline your construction projects and get the job done right. To learn more about our trenchless pipe drilling and underground boring, contact American Directional Boring today.

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