More Than A Pipe Dream: How Does Directional Drilling Actually Work?

directional drilling contractorsDirectional drilling is the most efficient and most popular form of highway boring. This is because it’s cost effective and eco-friendly, causing minimal damage to the ground around the construction site.

Directional drilling has been a critical part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s and, although technology has advanced over the last 100 years, the concept of directional drilling largely remains the same.

How does directional drilling work?

The method of horizontal directional drilling works by drilling wells horizontally into the ground. By doing it this way rather than vertically, you’re better able to reach and produce gas and oil reserves. In fact, directional drilling produces twice as much gas and oil that’s extracted by other methods.

What’s more, directional drilling also allowed you to create multiple different wells from the same vertical wellbore. This is what allows construction projects to have a minimal environmental impact and why it can be used by rivers, streams, and roads.

How has directional drilling changed?

Although the method for directional drilling has largely remained the same over the past century, drilling sensor and global positioning technology improvements have made horizontal directional drilling more efficient.

For instance, the angle of a directional drilling drill bit is able to be controlled with an intense accuracy because of the development of real-time technology. This gives the oil and gas industry many different solutions to common drilling problems. It also helps to increase the efficiency of construction projects and reduce cost.

Additionally, various wells can be drilled at many different angles from a single location due to advances in technology. While wells may have been able to drill from this point before, today construction teams can tap into reserves that are more than a mile below the surface and miles away from the drilling point.

Where can I find directional drilling contractors near me?

Horizontal directional drilling can be used for a variety of things including gas pipelines, water lines, and telecommunications. In fact, telecommunications installation increased the HDD market to 24.4% in 2017 alone.

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