Horizontal Directional Drilling Vs. Trenching: Which Is Right For Me?

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Directional boring, also called horizontal directional drilling, is a form of trenchless drilling. Directional boring involves installing a cable or pipe through a drilled path. This underground drilling is popular because it’s safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

In fact, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is the current industry standard. Bores range between two to 28 inches in diameter and 600 feet to 1800 feet in length.

But when do you know it’s right to choose a horizontal direction drill or a trencher?

Horizontal Drilling Vs. Trenching: Which Is Right For Me?
HDD is the industry standard, but trenching is also a common way to install utilities. Yet, trenching has its limitations.

For instance, you can only use trenching when you can disturb the area in question. That is, you can’t use trenching in areas where there are roads, buildings, or waterways in the way.

Directional boring contractors don’t need to worry about these limitations. This is because directional boring contractors can go under roads, buildings, and waterways.

It’s for this reason that directional boring may be more cost-effective. When you use trenching, your project may take longer. Trenching can impact the area and may need restoration, which takes time and money.

What’s more, restoration requires you to replace more than soil. You’ll need to replace the concrete you’ve drilled into and repair the landscape. Restoration can be time-consuming and, thus, may make your team less productive.

You don’t need to worry about restoration when you use directional boring contractors. Underground boring keeps you from impacting the landscape.

As a result, you don’t need to make landscape or roadway repairs that are time-consuming. The less time spent on restorations, the more money you save. If a minimal impact is what you’re looking for, directional drilling is the right choice for you.

Yet, directional drilling has more benefits aside from its low impact. Directional drilling is also safer than trenching and reduces groundwater pollution. What’s more, you only need one location to install many pipes.

Directional boring contractors can help you install utilities without impacting the surrounding area. It’s for this reason that directional boring is the current industry standard compared to trenching. For more information, contact American Directional Boring today.

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